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We strive to deliver value to our customers using a unique blend of business, technology, and marketing expertise along with a touch of blue sky or "what if" thinking - to help them become even more successful.

Listening - We take the time to get to know you, your business, your staff, and your business challengers. We dig deep to understand the root problems that are inhibiting your technical and business success.

Technical Analysis - We have the technical and engineering background to understand most processes and products from a design, operations, and logistics perspective. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes or a different way of analyzing or displaying data can lead to a clearer understanding of the underlying technical issues.

Marketing Analysis - We also use our considerable marketing insight and technical sales experience to understand the situation from your customer's perceptive. What do your customers perceive as the major features and benefits of your products or services and how do you rank relative to your competitors?

Database Design - Defining your database with the right fields and relationships is a critical step toward having an well-organized, quick-to-retrieve data storage and information management system.

Web Site Design - We design web sites that provide a window into your data, making the information readily available to your staff and providing controlled access by your sales agents, customers and suppliers, yet your valuable data is protected from unauthorized users.

Project Management - Where appropriate, we can supplement your in-house staff by planning, organizing and implementing mission-critical technical or marketing projects. We can supply experienced people who can quickly get your projects done on schedule and on budget.

Experience - We bring over 30 years experience in engineering, technology, operations, marketing, and sales.

Flexibility - Because we are small, we are usually available to meet with you immediately to define and launch a new project whenever you need to respond quickly to changing business conditions, or to problems with production, quality, or staffing issues.

Facilities - we have a well-equipped off-site office with phone, FAX, PC, scanner, digital camera, and high speed Internet access. We also have extensive software and reference book collection along with prototype facilities for database and web design and testing.

Relationships - we have well established relationships with several hundred other seasoned experts in the southwestern PA area and can quickly add any of them to your project team as needed on either a short-term or a long-term basis.

Educational Background
BS - Chemical Engineering
MS - Industrial Engineering
MBA - Business and Marketing

We attend numerous professional seminars and technical meetings every year in engineering, IT, project management, and marketing areas and volunteer time as a member of the leadership team of several such organizations.

Active volunteer leader with several local non-profit groups.

BP Oil Co.
Zinc Corp of America
PPG Industries
Rohm & Haas
Modular Computer Corp.
Encore Computer Corp.
iGate Capital
Eaton Cutler-Hammer
Alliance for Consumer Protection

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